Reflections: Chosen Eyes Reconciling Adoption

At the beginning of the book, I mentioned there was a big circle. A circle big enough to hold 7.6 billion people, which is the approximate number of people in the world as of this writing. In that circle is a smaller one with 22 million, the population of the Philippines in 1952. Then there is another circle, with 10 million people representing the African American population in 1940. From these circles of millions, somehow by miracle or predestination, the population of the Philippines and the African American circles overlapped, and only three are in that unique set. Featured in the circle were three individuals and a host of other players who shared the stage in these circles. Whether briefly or at length, in these overlapping circles, they left their imprint in time. Now fast forward to today. Of the three main individuals in Finding Out, only one is left and is now staring at age 70. Yes, the first Filipino refugee adopted by a Black American military couple has turned 70.