2031 Franklin Street

The sound of seagulls echo overhead the ships in Manila Bay that prepare to cross the ocean on another path toward the eastern horizon. Preparations are complete for miles of countless waves, possibly encountering a couple of sunrises and sunsets and even crossing the International Dateline to reach another long-distance shore. From the “Pearl of the Orient,” it’s a long ocean journey in order to reach the shores of the Gold Rush State—California.
Once you step on dry land and get your sea legs backs, it’s time to continue the journey over land. California is not the final destination. In the center of the vast United States is Colorado. Roughly 1,200 miles and approximately 20 hours away by car from California is Denver, Colorado. Here at 2031 Franklin Street is a classic Midwestern two-story bungalow-style home. At first glance, you notice the beautiful lines conceived by the master builders of the house. Your eyes rest on a house not of extraordinary beauty but a broad, substantial structure that has all the earmarks of a cozy, comfortable home. Everything is compact, no space is wasted, and there is no need for improvement anywhere….