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Paula Wilson

The author finished her bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland-College Park Campus, way behind those she started with. After so many combinations of college years and struggling to pay tuition for each collegiate year, books, and materials for each course, Paula finally earned her long-sought-after degree. Her degree in Social and Behavioral Science focused on 18th-century plantation archaeology began to open some doors.”

During her first year in college, Paula was married. In two years, Paula found herself taking refuge in Shawnee, Oklahoma, with her Aunt Gladys and daughter. Paula’s resume is a long string of employers, from local departmental stores to renowned universities: Library of Congress, Howard University, University of Maryland, WETA Public Television, Baileys Fitness, Chevy Chase Bank, Army Reserve, Motorola, movie extra, an array of engineering and architectural firms, government contractors, security, car dealerships, and call centers to name a few.

Often holding 2, 3, even 4 jobs at a time to make ends meet, thankfully Paula is now happily retired. Paula’s most challenging and rewarding jobs have been site archeologist at several Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC excavation sites. As senior drafts-person at an environmental engineering firm, Paula worked for 12 years on site plans and facility construction drawings for wastewater treatment facility designs in 9 states including Washington, DC.

Now the challenge of compiling all the collection of documents, vintage family photos, and childhood memories occupies the author’s retirement hours. Her discoveries of Seminole history, the history of Black Tuskegee Airmen in the newly formed Air Force, (meeting virtually) new cousins, Filipino relatives (never met before), and understanding of the documents in her possession has made writing this book her inspiration and motivation to pass down to her children, grandchildren, and anyone who reads the story she has to tell.